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The aircraft I have chosen to build is the Onex from  Sonex Aircraft.  This affordable metal, aerobatic, single seat aircraft  has great performance and  a folding wing.I will be building the tricycle gear version and fitting the aircraft with a hand control for operation of the rudder.

The aircraft's recommended powerplant is the 80 hp VW based AeroVee 2.1 engine, supplied in kit form by Sonex AeroConversions.
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This is the only non-metal aircraft on my short list. It is built out of glass fibre.  The aircraft has a large 29" cockpit and a "Y" tail. 

The prototype aircraft is powered by the proven Corvair automotive engine converted for aircraft use by William Wayne, a.k.a. the Corvair authority.
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The Thatcher CX4 is a single seat, metal aircraft with a tail wheel landing gear.  The designer David Thatcher wanted an affordable aircraft that he could enjoy flying during his retirement. 

So he designed and built the CX4.  This beautiful aircraft is powered by a VW automotive conversion engine from Great Plains Aircraft Supply.
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The Sonex is an affordable, aerobatic, two place monoplane, first introduced in 1988.  It is available with a tail wheel or tricycle landing gear, and there is also a beautiful "Y" tailed version the Waiex.

The Sonex and Waiex deliver outstanding performance due to their clean aerodynamic shape and simple lightweight construction. 
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The construction of my Onex serial No. 0065 has commenced in Balaklava South Australia. After a slow start for reasons outside of my control, real progress is now being made, thanks to the kits design and the use of match hole construction.

Please refer to the construction pages for photographs of the aircraft under construction.

Why am I building an aircraft?

Onex in the curcuit

By building the aircraft myself. I can adapt it to my needs.  Due to a disability, I will be modifying the aircraft to allow the rudder pedals to be operated by a hand control on the left hand side of the cockpit.  On the right hand side of the cockpit will be a side stick for control of the elevator and  ailerons.  I also plan to fit electrically operated flaps and will place a brake handle on the control stick.  This will give me full control of the aircraft, without having to remove my hands from the controls.

These changes will result in a  longer build time and additional expense. It has often been said that any modification made to the original design will lead to  a greatly increased build time and should be avoided.  I'm sure this is correct, but as the aircraft's manufacturer I'm able to make these changes during the course of construction. 

To further complicate matters, I have chosen to build my Onex in South Australia.  This will cause a further delay while the kit is shipped from the USA.  Hopefully, some of the American builders who will receive their kits earlier will set up sites documenting the early stages of the construction process.

The Onex is the first kit from Sonex Aircraft to make use of "match hole" construction.  This should make the building process simpler and faster, which as a first time builder I will appreciate. I will be building full time, and therefore hope to make rapid progress once the kit has been delivered.

There are no commercially manufactured light sport aircraft that come anywhere near the Sonex aircraft range in terms of performance and affordability.  The Onex is the latest design from the company.  It is an 85% scale Sonex, hundreds of these aircraft have been successfully completed and flown over the past 11 years.

Although the Onex is priced very closely to the two seat Sonex and Waiex, the extra performance from the single seat design and it's folding wings will hopefully ensure the designs success.  No commercially manufactured LSA met my selection criteria, but the Onex, modified to my needs will give me the aircraft I require.

This site has been created to document the selection and construction of my Onex and its modifications.

Engine Selection

AeroVee 2.1
AeroVee 2.1 Aircraft Engine 

An 80hp engine kit by AeroConversions.

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Jabiru 2200
Jabiru 2200 Aircraft engine

An 80hp engine from Australia.

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ULPower 260i
UL Power 260i Aercraft Engine

Powerful 97hp, fuel injected. engine

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