AeroVee 2.1

AeroVee Engine Kit AeroVee 2.1 Aircraft Engine

The AeroVee 2 .1 is a VW-based automotive conversion engine kit package.   This  2180 cc 80 hp engine that can be run Avgas or Autofuel.  The engine package weighs 168 lbs including exhaust or 158 lbs with the optional  Nikasil Cylinder upgrade. 

The engine kit components are all brand-new zero time parts. Sonex state that the engine kit can be assembled in approximately 12 hours with the aid of the AeroVee assembly manual and instructional DVD.  

The engine has two spark plugs per cylinder and four independent solid-state ignition modules all driven of the crankshaft/fly wheel assembly.   The secondary electronic ignition  adds duel plus ignition reliability by completing the Aerovee's  quadruple- redundant ignition system  

AeroVee 2.1 Specifications

Continuous Horsepower                  80 HP @3400 RPM                                         
Bore 92mm
Stroke 82mm
Displacement 2180 cc
Compression Ratio 8:1 for AvGass
7:1 for Auto Fuel
Oil Capacity 2.75 US Quarts
Oil Type SAE Multi Grade 20/50
Firing Order 1-4-3-2
Spark Plugs Autolite MP4163
Carburetor AeroInjector
Starter SkyTec Geared Starter
Alternator Output 20 Amp
Weight 168 lbs with Exhust
158 with Nikasil Cyclinders
Battery Required 12v @20 Amp

Engine Dimensions

AeroVee 2.1 Engine Dimensions Width AeroVee Engine Diensions Depth AeroVee Engine Dimensions Height
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